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At Tax Time, trust and estate planning is our specialty. Our seasoned Team Of Tax Consultants is adept at structuring, executing, and monitoring sound tax strategies.

Ensure the transfer of assets between you and your successors is well-organized and minimizes your tax responsibilities.

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Tax Time’s Tax Preparation Services

The main goal of our firm is to create practical tax strategies that protect the wealth of our clients, their beneficiaries, and surviving family members. Thanks to our extensive background in and knowledge of the current tax landscape, we are uniquely positioned to ensure your Estate Tax Strategies are compliant and minimally liable to tax costs. What’s more, over the years, we’ve handled all sizes and scopes of cases – whether your assets are personal or business-related, you’ll find the resources you need to achieve all your financial goals with us.

Knowledgeable Tax Advisors

Our team consists of the best minds in the industry. We have unparalleled experience and expertise to create and implement comprehensive estate tax plans. Our firm stays ahead-of-the-curve in the ever-changing landscape of tax law. We are rigorous in our training and research so that our advice is always relevant, and our plans are always compliant.

We engage with our clients and bring a proactive, problem-solving approach to the table. We seek to eliminate tax liability wherever possible by identifying applicable estate tax exemptions. With our specialists by your side, your assets will be optimally protected for both you and your beneficiaries.

Efficient Estate Income Tax Return Preparation

One of our most sought-after services is our thorough estate tax return preparation. Over the years, we have honed our process to be efficient, quick, and meticulous. We recognize that sorting through tax returns can be a stressful affair for even an experienced executor. We will rapidly collect and assemble all the pertinent documentation on your behalf to relieve your tax filing burden.

The bottom line is, you can count on us to complete and file your estate tax returns in the shortest delay.

Personalized Consultations with a Tax Consultant

We begin every service with an in-depth consultation with our clients so that we can tailor our services to meet their unique needs. When you book an appointment with us, we’ll sit down with you in a professional and confidential environment, where we’ll discuss your needs, goals, and desired timelines in-depth.

When we have a firm grasp of your current financial situation, we will clearly lay out all your options in front of you. We’ll explain the different avenues that are available to you and explain the positive and negative consequences of each course of action in detail. You can count on our advice to be honest, transparent, and to have your best interests at heart at every turn.

With us, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make judicious financial decisions for yourself and your successors.

Start Your Tax Preparation in Irvington

Whether your estate tax inquires are of a personal or business nature, we have the skills and resources to safeguard your wealth year in and year out.

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